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Let me start off my saying, I do my research when it comes to investing in photography. Coming from a family where there are very little photos, it has always been important to me to not only spend the money but to take the time to capture all the stages of my children’s lives with beautiful images. and Jess did just that. 1- she was amazing with my kiddos (who were fighting nap time in the midst of our shoot – poor planning on my part) 2- you can tell from watching her work how freaking passionate she is about what she does. it’s evident it’s not just a job for her. She takes pride in her images and you see he emotion behind them. 3- she listened to my wants and totally executed. I was looking for more raw images (not staring at the camera and posed). She totally captured MOMENTS and I loved it. 4- she was timely and responsive. I ended up delivering 3 weeks ahead of schedule (when she just so happened to be out of town) and she quickly had a back up come to the rescue! 5- I received my images quickly (this is a HUGE one for me). I’ve had family photos taken in the past where I’ve had to wait WEEKS for images. Where my newborn wasn’t even a newborn anymore. It was a great experience from start to finish and I’m so pleased with the images!

I can say that what i took away from our time together the most, was being given, maybe for the first time, this kind of permission to just be who we are as a family.

Jessica gently and quietly guided us into moments rather than poses which made it feel incredibly genuine because it was clear that it wasn’t about pretty photographs, it was about us having photos of our beautifully ordinary and regular day having a spotlight to shine when we’re no longer around to tell all the stories.

Britt & Marty

Ann Arbor, Michigan

To just take a few hours to just focus completely on being a family and playing with and loving on our kids and each other. Even if there were no pictures to see in the end, it would have been worth it and I’d still be saying thank you to you. And the pictures, so brilliant. So real and raw and intimate. Looking at the pictures felt like looking at memories. And it felt like looking at a visual representation of the feeling of our family. It’s crazy. The photo of the 4 of us all just lounging in our bedroom – that one might be my favorite. Because it feels to utterly like life. It’s us. You look at the picture and you forget that there’s actually a photographer in the room taking photos, because the picture feels so raw and intimate, like you snuck in and captured moments that we usually wouldn’t invite others to be a part of. Because of that, I know these photos will be something we will always treasure, as a memory of this season of our life. Being young and married with our two amazing kids. I love that it’s not posed. You just allowed us to be at home and go about our life. And you made it look so beautiful.

Than & Christina

Santa Barbara, California

The moment you walked in my worries went away.  Your energy is calm and sweet and I was excited you was going to capture our daily mess. No hair brushing…no new outfits…no drive to the studio…no stressed mommy…   Lila is sometimes shy but became your friend instantly and I am a little shy too, but felt like we could be friends.   When you sent over the first picture… Happy little years ran down my face. There was my daughter, the way I see her everyday. A picture I can look at in 100 years (I hope) and instantly go back to the sweet tiny beautiful 3 year old girl who I love so much.  Then shortly after the link came in that I haven’t stopped looking at since. Not only did you get a “good picture” you captured my life, my love, on film. You have a  talent is in every image, they are so beautiful and each tell a story. I feel like I can look at every picture over and over and always feel and see something new.  And I know that I will enjoy these pictures my entire life and be able to look at them and be transported back to that day, back to that time on my life, and feel it and be there again.  Thank you for this gift, it is priceless and timeless and I am so thankful to have such a treasure.


Austin, Texas

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"We treasure the photos and film Jessica + Ben created for our family. They captured the beautiful magic in our "every day real life" and articulated everything incredible about seemingly ho hum moments. For us, those feel like the ones we want to remember forever (and ever). We felt so comfortable the whole time, they have such a calming presence that made it feel like we could really be ourselves- we ended up with so many treasures. They have given us a way to look back on real life exactly how we want to remember it. We laughed a lot too- Beyond talented artists, beyond awesome people. We couldn't be happier or more grateful!"

Brittany Jelinek 

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