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“I want to take photos on the hammock mommy”

we were walking up from the pier and sweet Rosie chimed in with what she wanted for their photographs…” I want to take photos on the hammock mommy” my heart paused, because I knew there was something special about to unfold. I have always expressed that my true clients are the children…these photographs are for them years from now…and to think, Ro was creating alongside of me I knew there would be something beautiful to come with this….the fog covered us and their bright colored outfits a midst their special place at the lake felt so fitting. there was a certain depth to what I was experiencing behind my lens and I could feel in my heart this was about to shift the way that these little girls & their momma viewed this weekend together at the lake. Kim, Rosie & June, your bond together is beautiful, holy and full of love…never lose sight of the bright colors a midst the fog.