You are agreeing for us to create something together that out stands the test of time. Imagery that your kids will see when they are older and they will be reminded of what the home you raised them felt like. They will be reminded of all the things that made your house a home and all that made your family love what it is. These photos are leaving a piece of legacy.

We believe this is our responsibility to you but more importantly to your kids & we hold it close.

When you hire us, you are choosing for your child to become our client.



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"We were in the middle of a wild year with the pandemic, spending most of our time at home,  trading vacation for picnics together and trying to keep our sanity ... I can’t say I was 100% ready for photos emotionally but I saw my sweet youngest boy in the prime of his toddlerhood and how he giggled care free and loved on me just so... It was those moments and the sacred togetherness that 2020 brought out that made me call Jess. I knew in my heart from meeting her many years ago the her spirit, her talent and raw vulnerability would be the perfect match for our family. We flew Jess in to our Upsate NY homestead where she spent two days becoming a part of our chaos. Just as I had hoped she took it all in stride, looked for the details, loved through the chaos and documented us just as we are.  By the end of her time at our house, our children didn’t want to see her go .... But we have images now that are reflective of us and also a sweet piece of her. The experience was a highlight of a rather wild year and I am SO GLAD I trusted her to SEE US. Each time I look at our gallery I find another detail in the images I love even more. Thank you Jess! Come back soon"

from the witkowskis 

Let me start off my saying, I do my research when it comes to investing in photography. Coming from a family where there are very little photos, it has always been important to me to not only spend the money but to take the time to capture all the stages of my children's lives with beautiful images... and Jess did just that. 1- she was amazing with my kiddos (who were fighting nap time in the midst of our shoot - poor planning on my part) 2- you can tell from watching her work how freaking passionate she is about what she does. it's evident it's not just a job for her. She takes pride in her images and you see he emotion behind them. 3- she listened to my wants and totally executed. I was looking for more raw images (not staring at the camera and posed). She totally captured MOMENTS and I loved it. 4- she was timely and responsive. I ended up delivering 3 weeks ahead of schedule (when she just so happened to be out of town) and she quickly had a back up come to the rescue! 5- I received my images quickly (this is a HUGE one for me). I've had family photos taken in the past where I've had to wait WEEKS for images. Where my newborn wasn't even a newborn anymore. I received my images from Jess in a week. It was a great experience from start to finish and I'm so pleased with the images!

miss h says

Jess came to our home to capture photos of our family which includes two young children and a crazy French bulldog. She made the entire process extremely effortless and stress free. I am not someone who loves taking pictures (and neither does my 3 year old), but she made us all feel completely comfortable and managed to capture so many amazing photos during what seemed like pure chaos. She is wonderful with kids and knew exactly what to do when my toddler started to lose interest. We couldn't have asked for a more delightful person to work with and we absolutely adore the photos. We can't wait to work with her again!


Jess is my go-to photog for WONDERFUL family portraits! She is the most down-to-earth, friendly, cute and easy to work with photographer I have ever had! She photographed my baby at the hospital when he was just a couple days old, then came to my house a few weeks later for an at-home session. The pictures are priceless and I love looking back on them. She is a talented and creative woman...once you meet Jess, you'll feel like she's an old friend you've known your whole life! And you'll have beautiful family moments captured forever. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend if you're looking for a life-style/family photographer who totally gets it. She's the BEST!

kristin & Drew SAY:

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